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good monday morning. coming up on "early today" after two major air strikes, israel is rushing to put its iron dome anti-missile defense shield in place to protect from retaliation from syria. >> the israelis justifiably have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like hezbollah. >> we are moving closer toward arming the reform-minded pro-western rebels. this is something that should have been done months ago. the horrific limo fire that killed five passengers including the bride in this bachelorette party nightmare. plus, making handguns virtually undetectible. caroline kennedy considers profiles in courage. and "saturday night live"
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has hits with martha stewart's desire to date. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, may 6th. good morning to you, i'm richard lui. a major movement over the weekend could prompt a decisive shift in u.s. foreign policy. israel launched at least two air strikes against syria in just the past three days. officials say it's an effort to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of hezbollah. this morning israel is readying its iron dome missile defense shield after promises of retaliation by syrian forces. meanwhile, there's a new u.n. report saying anti-government activists may have been behind the reported use of chemical weapons and not the regime. president obama said previously the use of such weapons could constitute a red line for u.s. intervention. senator john mccain used those words to undercut him sunday. >> the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and unfortunately the red line that the president of the united states was written was written
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in disappearing ink. >> those comments comes days after chuck hagel refused to speculate on military intervention plans and john kerry heads to moscow today for talks with russian leaders. nbc's martin fletcher is in tel aviv for us. good morning to you, martin. some saying this attack could even be a message to iran. >> reporter: that's right, richard. the attacks that took place, the two attacks that you mentioned by israel into syria certainly have an immediate effect in terms of destroying any weapons that syria wants to transfer to hezbollah in lebanon. but the real message, exactly as you say, is actually to iran, which is stay out of syria, do not continue to try to arm your puppet in south lebanon, hezbollah is ready to strike. the question now is what will iran do? and also more immediately, what will syria do? the deputy syrian foreign
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minister called it an act of war. now, the israeli military have today been saying there's no war with syria. they don't want war with syria. all they want to do is stop weapons from iran transiting syria to hezbollah in lebanon. now, those weapons that israel attacked which reportedly were fatah 110 long-range missiles, very accurate guided missile system from iran. those were transferred from iran. they arrived in syria only about a week ago. and israel says it has a red line any weapons which it called game-changing weapons it will destroy, and that's what israel did. >> and of course the concern that those weapons will be used on locations such as where you're at, tel aviv. thank you so much, nbc's martin fletcher are the live report. no cemetery in massachusetts wilburry the body of tamerlan tsarnaev. his uncle arriving yesterday to arrange a funeral plot for burial but understands, quote, no one wants to associated their names with such evil events.
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tamerlan died after a shootout with police in april. his younger brother, dzhokhar, is in police custody. federal investigators are looking for clues inside the cambridge apartment where the tsarnaev brothers lived. they spent yesterday trying to determine if the brothers made the bombs in that location. officials also say they are neutral as to whether tamerlan's widow, katherine russell, knew of the attacks. agents found an al qaeda magazine downloaded on her computer but don't know if she was aware of it. her lawyer denies any involvement. a night out in san francisco for nine women celebrating their friend's wedding takes a devastating turn. a fire engulfed their limousine killing five of the women trapped inside. the driver wasn't hurt. he pulled over after one of the women complained of smoke. that's when he says the back of the limo became engulfed in flames saying it all happened so fast. firefighters found the five women badly burned huddled together. the bride was among the dead. 31 ideal narissa fohas.
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in utah, a 46-year-old soccer referee has died one week after being punched in the head by a 17-year-old player. ricardo portillo spent the last week in a coma after suffering swelling to his brain. police say the teen punched portillo after he called a foul and issued him a yellow card. the teen booked into juvenile detention could face additional charges. southeast floods after days of heavy rainfall. this weekend four inches of rainfall fell in chattanooga. our bill karins is here. there's only so much water that this ground can absorb. and we're seeing that certainly not -- >> and that's the same storm that brought the snow to the midwest last week. it's only moved to the southeast. it's a very slow weather pattern, unfortunately. for the west the storm that's affecting you is also going to move through very slowly. there are benefits to it. we're almost done talking about those fires. once the on-shore winds kicked in sunday morning, temperatures
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dropped. now we've got moisture in the air. firefighters, they're loving this. but you can see the wet weather this morning. if you're going to be driving on i-5, notice showers all the way from san diego through oceanside all the way up into downtown l.a. there will be wet weather and wet roads. and that does mean a slow commute. as far as that storm goes, it's big and broad. it's just going to sit there and spin for the next couple days. and in the afternoon if you get sunshine with this cold upper-level low over top of you, you have a chance of thunderstorms mixed in. it's going to be much cooler with all that cloud cover in the desert southwest. notice highs in l.a. around 66. vegas around 80. there is a slight chance of a storm or two. in general, expect on and off showers throughout your day today. that's your national and sunny.
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how often do we get to say the pacific northwest is going to be warmer than, like, vegas and phoenix? >> you don't. that's why i was smiling because the northwest is enjoying it. president obama had a special message for the students of ohio state. the ohio state university. plus a dramatic scene from an air show where 3,000 spectators were watching that. and investor warren buffett shares some money tips. that's ahead. "early today" returns in just two minutes.
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welcome back to "early today." former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is the 2013 recipient of the profile in courage award. caroline kennedy presented the award for giffords' political, personal and physical courage in her work for gun policy reforms. overseas, stun grenades and gunfire in bangladesh as police clash with islamist protesters. demonstrators set fire to shops, vehicles and the
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state-run news agency. they want the government to enact blasphemy laws including the death penalty for insulting the prophet mohammed. meanwhile, a grim milestone as the death toll in the country surpasses 600 in that clothing factory complex collapse. an initial government investigation says vibrations from four generators triggered the collapse. no word on what caused a vintage plane to crash at an air show near madrid. officials saying the pilot died after being rushed to the hospital with severe burns. the impact was seen by some 3,000 spectators. shocking many. president obama kicked off commencement season sunday at the ohio state university. he told graduates to ignore anti-government arguments and dared them to make america better. new york senator charles schumer is reaiming his focus to weapons made from new 3-2 printers. he wants them outlawed, pointing out that the guns are made entirely of plastic and would not trip standard metal detectors. >> we're facing a situation where anyone, a terrorist, can
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open a gun factory in their garage and the weapons they make will be undetectable is stomach churning. >> schumer added the process opens the door for people otherwise barred from legally owning firearms. apparently few have gotten the message about texting while driving. the cdc says 43% of teens surveyed in 2011 admitted to texting behind the wheel ignoring laws banning the risky move. a separate survey out of the university of michigan revealed that 90% of parents even admitted to using some kind of technology while their kids were in the car. >> announcer: "early today" is brought to you by vagisil. bring yourself back. now to today's business headlines and cnbc's seema mody. >> futures are higher after stocks surged on the back of that better than expected jobs report friday. the dow briefly breaking above the 15,000 mark.
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the big event for investors this week, a speech by ben bernanke friday. the senate will vote on the internet sales tax bill that allows states to force online retailers to collect taxes on all online purchases. the measure is expected to pass. and in other news, google is reportedly set to unveil a subscription service youtube as it looks to generate more revenue. it would apply to about 50 channels which people can access for as little as $1.99 a month. back to you. now in other business news, more than 30,000 people each year travel to hear warren buffett at the berkshire hathaway shareholders meeting. the 82-year-old billionaire says the key to investment success is to avoid getting excited when others are, too. as for politicians, buffett says what happens in washington is tough to watch. >> nothing is perfect but we had some huge problems in 2008 and our country is doing reasonably
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well coming out of that. it's a lot slower than people would like but it was a lot bigger problem than many of us had ever seen. >> the white house announced a series of presidential trips addressing america's bottom line. mr. obama's first trip is to a high school in austin, texas, where he'll also discuss raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour. gas prices are up just a penny after dropping for eight weeks. the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded, $3.54. highest in lower 48 is chicago at a whopping $4.28. baton rouge has the lowest at $3.20. believe it or not, gun ownership among women is up 77% in the past seven years. one of the nra's most female members spoke about her love of guns at the nra's annual convention in texas yesterday. sarah palin says the name for her son, trig, was trigger. and her nephew's middle name is remington. straight ahead, awards for king james of south beach. phil mickelson's unlucky fan takes one in the noggin. and "snl" jumps all over
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martha stewart's desire to date. you're watching "early today."
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martha stewart made headlines last week when she revealed to matt lauer on the "today" show that she would be willing to give online dating a try. of course this weekend the good folks at "snl" had some fun with that. take a listen. >> i joined because i want a successful man for
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intercourse. i've had it before and i would like it again. >> helped me find someone who shares my interest like dancing. >> karaoke. >> sushi. >> whimsical window eggs, cured mac macaroons and of course the simple elegance of a good bang. >>, the dating website that knows exactly what you're looking for. >> i want a guy who is kind. >> considerate. >> thoughtful. >> rough. like a rustic burlap wedding invitation. >> handsome. >> smart. >> someone with callused hands and no debt. >> someone who is silly. >> someone who can work my body. >> oh, my. don't miss the "today" show this morning when the real martha stewart updates us on her online search for love. we'll see if there's any jokes or discussion about that. to sports action. game one of the western conference semis kevin durant
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pulled up and connected with a jumper leading them to a victory over the grizzlies. game one of the eastern conference semis, david west scored 20 points and paul george added 19. the pacers beating knicks yesterday at madison square garden. the big men winning there. lebron james wins his fourth mvp award. at 28 years old lebron is the youngest and only the fifth player in nba history to win four of those. lebron's miami heat open up their series against the chicago bulls tonight. in golf, phil mickelson was tied for the lead going into the final round of the wells fargo championship. he launched a bad drive hitting a spectator in the head. sandy smith received seven staples in her noggin along with a bad headache. still smiling, which is great. she got this nice consolation price, autographed glove with a message i'm sorry. phil mickelson. many may remember mike piazza for his home runs. and 12 all-star game appearances. well, now he's acting. he debuted
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over the weekend in the miami city ballet's rendition of "slaughter on tenth avenue." piazza played the role of a gangster and his daughter a dancer at that school. the toledo mud hens celebrated may the force be with you. obi-wan kenobi threw out the first pitch, chewbacca roaming the field, darth vader was his usual intimidating self. the players championship begins at tpc sawgrass next week and this is what the iconic island green at 17 looked like over the weekend after six inches of rain. a lot of stuff under water. just ahead, aerosmith cancel a show after authorities foil a bomb plot. plus the piano flies as a crazed fan rushes justin bieber on stage. we've got the details next.
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welcome back. i was digging through some numbers. and it looks like seattle easily going to smash your record high today. 79 is your record high. you're supposed to be somewhere in the mid-80s today. 84 there in portland. so enjoy this. there's a very good chance somewhere in the pacific northwest could be the warmest spot in the country today. that doesn't happen very often. 77 in medford and cooler on the coastal areas of california with that on-shore flow. it does come to a halt for seattle. but not all is lost. i mean, this could go two, three weeks in a row. 86 today. then we drop to 70. look at this, thursday into friday. mid-70s. congratulations. that's where i'm moving. sign me up.
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>> dogs and cats still living together. nothing changes over the weekend. you watch any movies? "iron man" kicked butt over the weekend. the third pic in the franchise earned $175 million. that made it the second highest opening ever second only to aveng avengers." "the office" celebrating its finale with a parade in scranton, pennsylvania. even steve carell made a surprise appearance. >> the show wasn't the same after he left anyways. >> i have to agree. aerosmith canceling an upcoming show in indonesia due to reports of a bomb threat. the concert was nearly sold out to a crowd of 15,000. the golden trailer awards honor the best in motion picture previews. top prizes included best blockbuster trailer for "iron man 3." best action trailer went to "skyfall." best animation trailer to "wreck-it ralph" and "the hangover 3."
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>> you're saying nothing like a good hangover. >> that's a different discussion. overzealous fan rushing the stage at a justin bieber concert in dubai. you see the fan hug bieber seconds before security tackles him into a bee anna. bieber did finish his set after the little interruption. >> the biebs is in the headlines all over the place. >> it is. what it is to be that much loved and have people running towards you. to be scared. >> don't you think security should be somewhere close enough to stop the public from getting on stage and actually tacking him? they should hire me for security. >> that's how you keep your security. you keep your fans at bay by about ten feet. i'm richard lui. you're watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station
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leading the news in "the new york times," a homemade style of terror jihadist push new tactics. al qaeda prop gandists have called for smaller attacks and online education to teach them how. and in "politico," holding noses, insurers start selling obamacare so health insurers are now planning campaigns to pursue the skeptical public to sign up and get covered by the health care reform law. now to our top stories. a recap. right now no cemetery in massachusetts will bury the body of accused bomber tamerlan tsarnaev. his uncle arrived yesterday to arrange a burial and says he understands that "no one wants to associate their names with such evil events." tamerlan died after a shootout with police in april. his younger brother, dzhokhar, is in police custody. we continue to watch that story. former congresswoman
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gabrielle giffords is the winner of the john f. kennedy profile in courage award given to her by caroline kennedy for what she called giffords' political, personal and physical courage in her plight for gun policy reforms. and we've all used orajel for a toothache or mouth sore or something of the sort. but the man behind the magic has died. he was 103 years old. a 182-year-old tradition is anything but tired. hundreds of people in mexico city celebrated cinco de mayo by reenabilitying the battle of puebla. it was an 1862 face-off where troops defeated napoleon's french army. it did wonders to rally the crowds of spectators. a lot of costumes, too, there, bill karins. >> we celebrate it a little differently here. >> we somehow maybe misconstrue what that significance is. >> margaritas, which one's
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louder. jury deliberations continue in the trial of jodi arias. she's charged with first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her boyfriend, travis alexander. she could face a life sentence or the death penalty. senate to take final vote on internet sales tax. and happy birthday to george clooney who is 52. former british prime minister tony blair turns 60. and baseball hall of famer willie mays is 82. go, giants. here's what's coming up on "today." new details in the boston bombing investigation. why curiosity over the dead suspect's widow is increasing there. and an exclusive, the judge in the casey anthony case is speaking out for the first time since the controversial verdict. now, keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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. . >> what was supposed to be a joyous celebration turned tragic. members of a bridal party caught in a deadly limousine fire. we will hear from the driver. police out in force in downtown san jose frying to keep cinco de mayo celebrations from boiling over what said to be an israeli rocket hitting syria. what capital lawmakers pushing the president to do. >> right now, we will push our cameras outside for a live look spanning over san francisco. quite the way to start the week. it is monday, may 6th. this is "today in the bay."

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